What we do

we work closely with our community contacts to deliver different types of aid, from food packages to cash support to home deliveries

Aid packages

Basic food package

This is a standard package offered by our partner orginisation ‘FOR ODESSA’ and is typically given to small households deprived of an income and people in urgent need of food. This package is enough for a small family (2-3persons) for two weeks and for a single person for a month (bare sustenance). It contains: 1l oil, 1kg rice, 1kg buckwheat, 2kg flour, 1kg pasta, 1kg rice, 1kg sugar, 1 box tea - currently worth 250 UAH (roughly 8 EUR)

Family food package

Our volunteer network responds to need by delivering aid directly. Often they are based on specific need, including medicine for chronic illness and hygeine items, but most common is the “Family Food Package”: 1l Sunflower oil, 10 Eggs, 1l Milk, 1kg Rice, 1kg Pasta, 1kg Sugar, 1kg Flour, 1 pack Toilet paper, 1 piece Soap, 25 to 45 UAH Porridge, 2kg Potato, 1kg Carrots. This package is worth around 17 EUR and can usually sustain a big family for 2-3 weeks.

Cash support

Evacuation Cash support

For many, fleeing the country is neither simple nor easy. We provide one-off cash payments, depending on family size and special vulnerabilities. The range is around 70-300EUR.

Basic needs cash support

We receive many different requests for financial aid from those who have lost their income or simply cannot pay for basic needs. Our careful needs assessment process involves an interview to determine eligibility and special vulnerabilities, and the median support is 150EUR every two weeks.

Your donations

We make sure that your whole donation reaches it's destination as quickly as possible, so it can be most effective in helping those who need it most.

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